Nevada State Mining Championships 2018

The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is the Official Site of the Nevada State Mining Championships – Memorial Day Weekend.

The Nevada State Mining Championships have been held in Tonopah since the turn of the century, and involves the many skills that miners needed to have to make a living at their profession.  For nearly 50 years, they’ve been held on Memorial Day weekend at Tonopah Historic Mining Park as part of Jim Butler Days.

Events contested include double and single jack drilling, individual and team mucking. Both women and men are invited to participate in a wide variety of events. Cash prizes are the incentive and the reward is being able to brag that you are the Nevada State Champion!

The prize money is all donated by supportive companies and individuals. All comers are invited to participate. In addition to prize money, winners of the mens’ events take home silver shovels (individual mucking, team mucking) and hammers (single jack, double jack).  A minimum of three participants must be entered for an event to be held.

Saturday, the mining events start immediately after the Jim Butler parade, normally around High Noon. Sunday morning the youth and junior mucking is held.

Cash prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each event. The top Men and Women Single Jack contestants will win $100 per inch drilled! Silver hammers and shovels for 1st place Men & Women’s Drilling and Mucking. Beer and food concessions will be available. Junior and Youth Mucking at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Silver hammers and shovels for 1st place Men & Women’s Drilling and Mucking.

Additional photos can been seen on our Facebook page.

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